Nails And Other Treatments

Here at Randle and Randle, we like to offer a full service and so here are a few of the treatments you may like to add to your hair or facial appointment next time.


Gel PolishNail gel colours

The last couple of years have seen a movement towards gel polish, to provide a smooth, perfect finish every time. Artistic Gloss gives strength to the nails and in some cases can correct shape too. These nails will last around 2-3 weeks and require a gentle soak off to diminish the damage to your natural nails.  Your nails are dry as you leave the salon, there is no worry about ruining them. This is a real bonus when the gel is applied to toes, as you can wear full shoes, boots or socks immediately after application.



Nail Stamps

Nail Art

Our nail technician has been perfecting her free hand nail art, and has produced an array of styles. We have chrome, holographic and glitters to add bling to your nails. We also have a collection of stamps, which we can print onto your coloured nails.



ManicureManicure & Pedicures

We provide manicure or pedicure treatments using Dermalogica and Artistic Gloss products to care for and revive hands and feet.  Skin will be smoothed, nails shaped, cuticles tidied and polish applied.

Semi-Permanent Eyelashessemi-permanant Eyelashes

Ever wished you could have the eyelashes that a three year old has, luscious, thick and so very long? Well now, you can. We will attach lashes individually to your existing lashes and give you fuller, longer lashes that you can flutter to your heart’s desire. The procedure is painless and lasts for 3-4 weeks, after which you can have refills to continue. You will find you no longer need mascara, although you could apply it for a special occasions with these lashes. You will need a patch test before treatment.


It is all about the brows! Having your eyebrows in shape and groomed is very much the trend right now. We will use hair removal techniques to shape your brows to suit your face structure and style. If you have lost a little hair with over plucking, we will work with you to shape any re-growth.



Tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes could be a game-changing experience, as it means it will cut your morning makeup routine, you may no longer need to fill in your eyebrows with a pencil, and it could help define the shape of them.  Your eyelashes will appear more defined and will open up your eyes, making them look larger and more attractive. You will need a patch test before treatment.


Waxing has long been a way to remove hair from unwanted areas.  We are not going to shy away from the fact that it is not without some discomfort and we aim to minimise that as much as we possibly can. We suggest a patch test before first treatment if there is a history of sensitivity.  We use both hot wax (for bikini, underarms and facial hair), and cool wax for larger areas such as legs.  The wax is suitable for vegans.