Aromatherapy is more than just a treat, it’s an essential.

In the middle of winter with grey skies, early nights and an overly busy life, I think it’s important to indulge yourself every now and again. My favourite pick me up is a really good massage.

 For me, finding a good masseuse is as important as choosing the type of massage you want.  Amanda has given me a range of treatments and on this occasion I decided to take Amanda’s advice and try one of her aromatherapy massages.

 To begin with, there is a questionnaire and consultation to ensure the right combination of oils. I didn’t want anything too relaxing as previous experience has taught me that I tend to become a little too relaxed. So with Amanda’s expert advice, I opted for a mix of lemon, basil and neroli (bitter orange) oils.

 The treatment was ninety minutes of pure pleasure, which included a full body massage using acupressure, a facemask and head massage.  I followed this with a wash and blow dry and left the salon feeling fabulous, calm and stress-free. I was at peace with the world and even the rush hour traffic couldn’t phase the feel good factor.

 Two days later and I am feeling clear-headed with more energy than I’ve had all winter. My aromatherapy treatment won’t be a one-off as to have this sense of well-being is more than just a treat it’s an essential.

Lorraine Hall