When did you last have your nails done?

Sitting quietly towards the back of our salon, is Sophie, our nail technician. Her gentle hands are in demand to shape and groom our clients’ hands. Anyone who has had a bad experience of nail work in the past is quickly reassured of Sophies’ abilities and ally their fears as she guides her clients towards beautifully manicured nails.


This is a treat for your hands and can help strengthen your nails. We will trim your cuticles, moisturize your skin and massage in oils and creams. This is a very soothing treatment, for those starting out on nail care. You can then continue with any of the following.

Gel nail coloursGel polish

If you have not had a gel polish yet, then this is the time to try it. Very popular with those, that just want their nails to look good, with the minimum maintenance. High gloss and metallic like finishes that last 2-3 weeks.  We have quite a collection of colours and always adding to them. As your nails are dry when you leave the salon, you can have your toes painted too!


We still do acrylic nails, though in one of our treatment rooms, the fumes can irritate those sensitive, so we keep this to a minimum. They are strong and reliable nails when finished and most people have them with french, without polish, giving a natural look.


Sophie is one of the few nail technicians working with real silk, bought from Barnsley Market and applied to your nails. This adds strength and durability. Polishes on silk can last up to 3 weeks!

Nail Art Stamp

Nail art

Nail art is very much on trend and our Nail technician, Sophie loves playing with new ideas and accessories. We have glitter, chrome and holographic too. Sophie also does 3D artwork too. We are also growing a collection of nail stamps now, please let us know if you would like any adornments and we shall endeavour to get them for you.

Do please book a session with Sophie soon, and look forward to having nails you can’t wait to show off.