What a fabulous day I have had!

I had planned my holidays and looked forward to them with excitement, when I realised I also wanted to look my best. I am a regular at the salon and wanted to combine several treatments before my trip, Amanda managed to plan a day for me to fit them all in.

Dermalogica stress positive treatment

It started with my eyelashes, being removed, as I had them refilled 4 times and it was time for a fresh set. Once they were off, Amanda set to work with her hot stones and I received a full body massage. This was followed by the stress positive eye treatment in full. I had heard about this, but as I had eyelashes on, I was not able to have this treatment before. I had my eyes covered and various Dermalogica products were applied. An ion-active facial followed and by now, I was feeling so chilled and relaxed.

After a spot of lunch, with one of Randle and Randle’s superb coffees, it was time for Sophie to take over, with a manicure. We choose a gorgeous shade of sparkly pink and added a bit of artwork with a stamp of cherries. Then we went back into the treatment room for and eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and a full set of eyelashes put back on. Wow, the difference! My eyes sparkled from the stress positive treatment earlier and looked so wide and open with the lashes and tint. Won’t need to pack the mascara!

Sophie finished off with a pedicure, which we matched to my manicure. Then it was back out to have my hair finished with a wash and blow-dry from Stacey. Now I was ready for my holiday. I highly recommend having a day like this, you leave feeling on a high as everything is perfect. Amanda said she could arrange any of the treatments like this again…..wonder if I should have booked a wax too?  by Kay Farrell