Getting back to work

We’re now back to work – operating in a Covid19 safe way ensuring we adhere to all guidelines, which are constantly changing. We’re all wearing PPE and sanitising everyone and everything! Check the following link for a video we created with a local company to give our customers peace of mind after lock-down. We wanted to show how we value and respect our customers and staff safety whilst still offering a warm and friendly environment.

With thanks to Grant Walker of Vidigi Media Services for his enthusiasm and efficient way of working

GHD are your best friend

GHD logo

Everybody has heard of GHD range of hair styling products, but we often do not realise each product has a place in our home.

Hair Dryers

GHD hairdryers are powerful at over 2000w. They are specially designed to give you total control over your hair drying. Allowing you to make sure your hair is ready to style with your wands, tongs, and straighteners. Travel size hairdryers are perfect for popping into your suitcase for creating those beach waves after the pool.

GHD Hairdryer

Technique with GHD

Your hair when it is wet, has soaked up to 3 times its volume in water, making the strands stretchy and breakable. So, it is important to dry your hair thoroughly. Towel dry, but do not rub your hair, squeeze it in the towel. Then using a medium to high heat, dry your hair until it feels warm throughout. This is the point at which your hair is dry. Now it is ready to style. You can then finish off with a cool shot to set your finished style in place.


GHD wands come in a couple of guises, the Creative Curl has a 28cm-23cm tapered barrel and the Classic Curl with a 38mm – 26mm oval shaped barrel. Both have a heating temperature of 185°C and ceramic tri-zone technology. This means your curls will last through the day. The Creative Curl is more suited to a wide range of curls and waves. While the classic wand to more suited to those big bouncy curls. Both have a cool tip for easier styling, though the patented glove is useful for making sure you do not burn yourself.


Tongs are a little different, in that they have a lever on the barrel, these give lift at the roots and are so are suited to those with longer hair. There are two GHD tongs, the Classic and the Soft Curl. The Soft Curl has a 32mm large barrel with spring activated ergonomic lever. It produces big bouncy curls on longer hair. The Classic has a 26mm medium barrel with spring activated ergonomic lever to create consistent curls for a classic style and volume, even on shorter hair.


GHD Straighteners Hair styling

GHD are well known for their straighteners and are consistently on the Christmas wish list of many women. The Classic Styler, is perfect for straightening, curls, and waves on all hair types. The Platinum Styler, comes in various limited editions, such as a pink blush, to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. The Platinum Styler features a unique wishbone hinge to ensure that the plates are precisely aligned. It is perfect for all hair types, including harder to style hair. A mention should go to the Mini Styler, a smaller version that will work wonders on those cowlicks, kinks, and fringes. It is perfect for shorter hair and travelling.

Whatever your hairstyle, there is a GHD product for you. Please feel free to discuss your needs with Glynn and the team, who will be happy to guide you in your purchase.

Elleebana Eyelash Lift

We are excited in the Salon to now be offering the Elleebana One Shot Eyelash Lift process. In just one simple, no fuss professional treatment we can create a sumptuous curl which lasts for up to 6 weeks.  Elleebana is an Australian company specialising in lash services.


Who would not want long luscious eyelashes? We are not all graced with them, so, sometimes we need to give Mother Nature a hand. The procedure uses a keratin rich formula applied to the lashes to lift them from the root so that they stand up and look longer and thicker. It can be used on short lashes to great effect and is a safe procedure as long as there has been no reaction to patch testing.

Lift vs Lash extensionsLift vs extensions

Having your lashes lifted means that you do not have to have individual lashes glued on to yours. Some people find extensions ‘heavy’ and uncomfortable. The lift effect lasts up to 6 weeks, though for best results you should come back to the salon more regularly. You can use mascara after a lash lift, whereas, it is not advisable with extensions. Read our ‘looking after your eyelashes’ blog for more on this. A lash lift can be as dramatic as lash extensions especially if you naturally have thick lash hair.

What is it like to have the treatment?Elleebana Eyelash Lift shield

First, we ensure there is no make-up on or around the eye (please arrive with no eye make-up if possible) before adhering a silicone shield to close to the lashes.  The hairs are then gently lifted and glued in to place.  The keratin based perm is applied to the root of the hair. Its left  to develop for 7 minutes before using a setting lotion to “fix”the curl. After a further 6 minutes the products and curl rods are removed carefully with water. Your lashes are then dried and brushed before completing the service with a tint.

Following treatment we advise against wearing mascara or getting your lashes wet for the next 24 hours so the curl can completely set.

PATCH TESTING FOR ALL PRODUCTS IS REQUIRED at least 24/48 hours prior to treatment

If you would like to give these a go, then book now!

Beauty Tips from the Dermalogica Experts

When it comes to healthy skin, you know you can trust Dermalogica to help you to achieve that flawless glowing radiance to your skin. Here we are going to give you some tips on looking after your skin with products from Dermalogica. As always we ask that you discuss any individual skin requirements with your Dermalogica Expert. Amanda is always happy to help you choose the best products for you.

Winter is Coming

Winter is particularly harsh on sensitive skin, with cooler temperatures then the extremes of hot showers or baths will sap the moisture from your skin leaving it feeling tight, itchy and dull. The lack of oils and moisture will weaken your own skins natural protective barrier, which can leave your skin prone to redness, irritation and, of course, sensitivity.  This is where layering moisture back onto your thirsty skin will aid you.

  1. Washing a face with Dermalogica Cleanser

    Washing your face

    After cleansing try Multi-Active Toner, to rehydrate with Aloe Vera and cucumber.

  2. next will be Skin hydrating booster, apply 6-10 drops onto your skin to plump that parched skin, you could also mix this with your moisturiser.
  3. for an added boost, use the Skin hydrating masque 2-3 times a week. You can apply this at night and it will soak into your skin with its protective antioxidant vitamins.

Summer time skin tips

Summer time is when the sun comes into play with its skin damaging rays. Drying out your skin with sun and chlorine rich pools will make it susceptible to itching and flakiness. If you are unlucky and get caught by the sun and burn, then your skins protective barrier is broken and needs urgent soothing and repair. Damage can occur over time even without burning and so Dermalogica highly recommend a good sunscreen, you could use Dermalogica’s Oil free matte SPF30,  applied regularly and liberally.

  1. Dermalogica Oil free matte SPF30,

    Sun screen

    Exfoliating daily with Daily Microfoliant will help relieve that flakiness. Extra tip-Make-up lasts longer on exfoliated skin. For those less sensitive, the new Daily SuperFoliant has extra antioxidants for skin repair.

  2. Hydrate your skin with Skin hydrating booster and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Extra tip-Keep your toner with your through the day to spritz and cool your skin.
  3. Repair your skin with a power rich or Multi-vitamin power recovery masque 1-2 times a week

Dermalogica Products

If you need any assistance with Dermalogica products and their use, then Amanda or Sophie will be pleased to help you. All Dermalogica products are available to order right from the salon. Book a facial  today.

Caring for your hair and skin whilst on holiday

We all love a holiday in sunnier climes; however, we are also likely to neglect our skin and hair, whilst away. Here are a few tips, before you pack to help you keep your hair and skin in tiptop condition whilst still enjoying yourself by the pool or on the beach.


Hair stylingHair can suffer badly on holiday, with swimming and the sun both harming it. Wash your hair as soon as you can after swimming. Wearing a hat or headscarf will not only look fashionable, but also help protect your hair, especially, if you have coloured hair, as the sun will fade the colour quickly. Pack a combo shampoo and conditioner, or grab some of our travel sizes, to save vital suitcase space. Resist the urge to style your hair every day. Embrace the beach waves and go a little Boho. Your hair will thank you, as the  extra drying and heat from your styling wands, hairdryer etc. is not welcome after a day in the sun.


If the one thing you pack is a sensible amount of sun-cream, then you are half way there to healthy skin after your holiday. Remember, it is probably going to be hot and sticky and the last thing you want is to apply loads of creams and lotions, to get even stickier. If you are using Dermalogica, then you can get some travel-sized products from us, with this month’s great offer of buying two full size products and receiving three travel sizes and bag, or get ready for your holiday with a 60 min pre-holiday facial and grab that same deal. We recommend packing a cleanser, good moisturiser and after sun at the very least. A great toner will also refresh your face during and after the flight.

Please enjoy your holidays and no need to be slavish in your skin routines, just follow these tips to keep sun damage to a minimum.

Looking after your nails between manicures

Beautifully manicured hands and polished nails are very much the trend these days, and with modern gels and polishes, it is even easier to look after them too. Here are some tips to get the best results and eke out the longest time between your manicures.

Go short

Having your nails short allows them plenty of growth, with the minimum of risk of breakages, which can ruin manicures. Short squared nails can look very attractive, especially when you invest in some nail art. They are easier for you to work with too.

Go long

If you are used to long nails, it will be easier for you to take care of them, though you will be at a higher risk of breakage.  If you decide to keep the length, you should have them shaped into an oval or almond shape to resist breakages. Perhaps keep nail glue handy; to repair quickly, should you break a nail.

Go lightNail gel colours

Lighter colours tend not to show the chips and cracks so quickly as dark shades. We have a large selection of lighter colours and are always adding to this.

Go over the top

In the salon Sophie, will put a good topcoat on to seal your manicure. One tip is to topcoat your nails 1-2 a week to help strengthen that coat. Choose a good quality topcoat and use clear strokes over the nail, seal the free edge too. Be careful not to file the free edge, unless necessary as the gel polish is sealed here and ‘caps’ your nail.

Go back

ManicureHealthy cuticles mean healthy nails, so each day push yours back slightly and use a cuticle butter or softener. Clear the debris and dirt from under your nails, every time you need to wash your hands, then apply a good moisturiser and massage in well. We know it is tempting to peel off the gel, there is a slight satisfaction about it, but we ask you not to, nor pick at or bite your nails, as you can really damage the nail and the skin beneath.

Go again

Please return every 2-3 weeks for either an infill or a new colour entirely. You can have your colour infilled to stop the new growth from showing. However, most people love to have a new colour to show off. We will soak off the gel, leaving healthy nails for us to reapply you next exciting colour and nail art.

Keep your colour longer

We appreciate that is costs a fair bit to have your hair coloured, and the maintenance and upkeep is something we are not always able discuss in length.


Shampoos and conditioners are the usual culprit for stripping the colour from your hair. Watch for sulphates in the ingredients and try to avoid them. We recommend the Pureology range of colour protecting shampoos and conditioners. They are available from us in the salon before you leave. We also recommend waiting at least 48 hrs before you shampoo after colouring. If you need to shower, pop a shower-cap on, to keep the hot water from washing the colour out.

Hair StylingHair styling

When you want to style hair that has been coloured, then it is best to avoid heat and use UV protective styling products. Coloured hair often suffers from frizzy ends and so regular trims will get it at its best.


Believe it or not, the secret to healthy hair is often in your diet. Biotin, which is great for hair strength, is found in salmon, egg yolks, carrots and sardines. Iron rich foods help feed your hair by building strong keratin, the protein that strengthens hair. Get iron from lean meat, low fat cheese, egg whites spinach and soy. Vitamin C will also help you absorb iron from plant proteins.

Choice of colourRed Head

Your choice of colour will also determine the speed at which it fades. Reds are notoriously quick to lose their lustre, though they tend to last. Bright colours popular with those who are experimenting with rainbows and mermaids will fade fast. Blonde and Brunette colours are longer lasting shades.


Chlorine rich swimming pools are the death knell to coloured hair; try a swimming cap to lessen the effects. Rinse/wash out in the shower as soon as you leave the pool.




Salon Visits

To keep your hair colour in tip top condition, make sure to have regular visits to the salon. Doing your roots as soon as they are visible, will help the colour stay consistent.

If you need any other advise, please talk to your hairdresser.

Looking after your Lashes

When you first get your lash extensions, you really feel glamourous and cannot wait to show them off. Sophie, our Lash Technician, will explain that they take a little bit of getting used to and you need to take care of them, and here we shall tell you exactly how you should.

First dayswimming

You need to keep your lashes extra dry, for the first 24hrs or so. This means no hot or humid environments such as saunas’ or steam rooms.  Even avoid washing your hair if you can. This is to help the glue cure. After about 48hrs, they are technically waterproof,  you can even go swimming with them. Be careful not to rub or pull at them, as you will damage your own natural lashes.


Yes, you should groom your lashes each day; Sophie will give you a little brush to do this. The brush is like a mascara brush. Take the brush and gently comb out your lashes. Careful not to pull at the roots, start from about 1/3 up from the base of your lashes and stroke up, if you feel a catch, stop and adjust your brush. Do two or three sweeps. Next, close your eye and stroke down the lashes, again taking care not to catch them. Then a final look up and brush up again. The technique is similar to applying mascara. Best doing this in the morning, as you can straighten out those errant hairs that have bent round during sleep.


You should not need mascara when you have such long and luxurious lashes, as the job of mascara is to make your lashes look longer and darken your lashes. As you have long lashes, you will not need to make then look any longer. However, you may wish to apply it to the lower lashes. We suggest having a lash tint to help your lower lashes appear longer and darker; you can have this with your lash appointment. For a special occasion, you may wish to put mascara on. As you will need to use water based eye makeup remover, waterproof mascara is not an option. If you do decide to put mascara onto your lashes, we ask that you remove all traces of it before your next lash appointment, as it makes it hard to infill onto the lashes. Your lash extensions may then fail.


Sleeping on one side will cause more lash loss on that side over the other. Try to swap sides throughout the night, or best option is to sleep on your back. This goes for wrinkles too..*wink*.!


Please keep regular appointments, every 3 weeks for the best results. If you wait too long, you end up with bigger gaps in your lashes. Your own lashes fall out after about 6-8 weeks, so most of your extensions will be gone in this time. Do not try to remove your lashes yourself, please come to us and we shall do this safely for you.


Please do not try to add extra false eyelashes as a strip, the glue can mean that as you pull off the strip it pulls on your lovely long extensions.

Some people report that having these lashes ‘ruined their own’. There is no real evidence for this. However, we can say that after having the lashes. Your own can appear less, as you have got used to a new length and volume.

Try to keep oils and grease away from your eyes. This will cause more of the lash extensions to fall out as the glue fails.

If you are interested in trying these amazing lashes, book yourself an appointment (you will need a test patch behind your ear).We believe you are going to fall in love with them.

Freshen up your Hair colour

Wellago blonde for summer

Wella have been producing their colour products since the 1950s and had the first cream colourant for nourishing hair. Today Wella Hair colours are a trusted colourant used in salons worldwide. The original Koleston Perfect permanent hair colour is now joined by Color Touch and Color Fresh, semi-permanent colours, and the hair high-lightener Magma. We also have Innosense colour, for those who are sensitive to chemicals, which is virtually ammonia free reducing the risk of allergic reaction. These can cover grey and lifts up to 3 shades. The Wella colours we use here at Randle and Randle contain up to 29 conditioning agents and lipids for care and gentle-on-hair results.

Changing your hair colour is a process, and we can take you from a dark brunette to blonde, in one sitting, if we use Olaplex, a product designed to protect your hair. We will work with you to achieve the look you desire. One hot new colour, we have in the Salon, is Limonchello, a bright yellow Magma colour that highlights and has a golden hue, great for the summer season coming up.

Shampoo and Conditionerpureology shampoo and conditioners

Once you have your hair coloured it is important to take care of it, so that your colour lasts and your hair stays bright and shines with health. We use the Pureology complete colour range of shampoos and conditioners and as we recommend you should continue caring for your locks, have them available to purchase right here in the Salon.

When did you last have your nails done?


This is a treat for your hands and can help strengthen your nails. We will trim your cuticles, moisturise your skin and massage in oils and creams. This is a very soothing treatment, for those starting out on nail care. You can then continue with any of the following.

Gel nail coloursGel polish

If you have not had a gel polish yet, then this is the time to try it. Very popular with those, that just want their nails to look good, with the minimum maintenance. High gloss and metallic like finishes that last 2-3 weeks.  We have quite a collection of colours and always adding to them. As your nails are dry when you leave the salon, you can have your toes painted too!


We still do acrylic nails, though in one of our treatment rooms, the fumes can irritate those sensitive, so we keep this to a minimum. They are strong and reliable nails when finished and most people have them with french, without polish, giving a natural look.

Nail Art Stamp

Nail art

Nail art is very much on trend. We have glitter, chrome and holographic too.  We are also growing a collection of nail stamps now, please let us know if you would like any adornments and we shall endeavour to get them for you.