Our Third Anniversary

Wow, its three years since we opened our doors and welcomed our first customers, of which many are still with us, it has been an adventure and at times a little sadness. We are so proud to have journeyed with some wonderful people on the way. As we celebrate this anniversary, we look back on our past three years.

A romantic start

It all started on an island in the Ionian Sea, where Glynn and I spent our honeymoon, talking of our future together, He as a hairdresser, and I as a beautician, it seemed that the answer was to have a salon of our own and so, we hatched our plan. That was in July and a chance drive past Eccesall road, we saw that no. 611 was available for rent. It looked perfect, great location, good size and ready for adaptation to a salon.

Randle and Randle front windowWe started inquiries and found the property owners very amenable, so we got things underway. As we had planned all this on our Honeymoon, it seemed right to open on the most romantic of days, Valentine’s Day.  It was the 13th of Feb 2014, the builders finished at 5:30pm! Luckily, we had friends and family, we all got stuck in to set up for the clients arriving the next day.


The next morning, we realised we had forgotten a few things, like electricity! A quick phone call round to get a supplier, then we discover we had no float, and there were no magazines and we did not even know how to take card payments! The list was endless, but then so were the laughs.

A pinch of sadness

Smashed window

Since then we have had one incident with our window that got broken, just before Christmas 2014. We had just decorated for the season, and even put a lovely tree sticker on the window, with snow. Came to work one morning to see it in pieces, our hearts sank at the mindless vandalism. That day though was one of the busiest in our history, and we got the whole of Eccesall road talking about it, plus the unseen benefit of free advertising!


One thing that also cheered us up was the acquisition of Bosley and Buster, who as puppies were regulars in the salon. We got them in the January after the window incident. Nowadays, they are still with us; however, they do not stay at the salon.

Here we are still

3 years down the line, I am now Dermalogica expert, 1 of only 2 in Sheffield. We have a lot of regular clients and look forward to the ones we are yet to meet.  Glynn still rocking it out; and has many very happy customers. The business is established and we are now looking for new recruits to the team. So if you’d like to join our team, give us a call.


Dearest readers, apologies for the delay of this blog! But trust me, it’s going to be a good one. I’ve been road-testing Dermalogica’s new product hydrablur primer, and comparing it to other primers in their range. Looking through previous blogs it’s not hard to see my love of Dermalogica, so to make things fairer I’ve included one of the top selling primers in the UK, Benefit’s The POREfessional, to try and even the playing field.

What is a primer, and why should you use it? Think of primers as lingerie for your face; using the right products on your skin before applying make-up can make it look better, or worse. A bad skincare routine or the wrong make-up is as detrimental as a poorly fitting bra, or even worse, the dreaded VPL. On the flip side, the right products can be your facial equivalent to trusty Spanx.

In all of the pictures below the photo on the left is my skin after my every-day Dermalogica skin routine (essential cleansing solution > barrier repair > skin smoothing cream). The photo on the right is the same side of my face with the primer applied. I haven’t cheated and used any type of filter on any of the photos, and I’ve tried to stand in the same position with the same lighting/camera angle to minimise anomalies. Each photo has been taken on a different day, and the order of my reviews are the order in which I tested the products.

Benefit, ‘The POREfessional’

Claims: “Minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines.”


First impressions of this primer are that it feels great. It has a matte effect and has a really smoothing feeling, almost like an extra moisture barrier. However, I found that smoothness didn’t last all day; by the time I came to taking it off it had made my skin feel dry in some areas, and oily in others. Also, I didn’t find it sat under my foundation very well; the matte finish made it look like I was caked in foundation, even when I only put a small amount on.

My rating: 3/5


Dermalogica, ‘skinperfect primer’

Claims: “Smooth away fine lines, brighten and prime for flawless skin, and to prep for make-up application. Velvety silicones create an instantly smooth surface. Pearl powder and natural earth minerals provide a neutral tint to help balance tone and enhance luminosity.”


To be honest, I was sceptical about using this primer. Reading the description above I expected the brightness and “pearl powder” to be a marketing strategy to hide that it contains glitter, and facial glitter is something I would prefer to leave in the 90s. How wrong I was! I loved this primer; it really does give luminosity and does not, I repeat NOT, look like glitter. It felt really nourishing, sat beautifully under foundation, and gave me a really dewy glow that lasted all day. Being in the ‘AGE smart’ range it is formulated to be suitable for maturing skin, hence the added bonus of containing SPF30. Since finishing this product testing I have worn this primer without any foundation, and it gave me great coverage all day.

My rating: 4/5


Dermalogica, ‘redness relief primer’

Claims: “balance skin tone with this soothing, translucent primer tinted with natural green botanical extracts. Velvety silicones smooth the skin and strengthen barrier protection.”


I was really excited to try this primer; as you can see from the ‘natural’ photos I have a lot of redness on my cheeks, and seeing that the primer is green (yes, really!) hoped it would improve it. The theory of the primer being green is that green and red are opposite on the colour spectrum, ‘cancelling’ one another out. Another benefit I was looking forward to is that this product is part of the ‘ultracalming’ range, containing ingredients to help sensitive skin (like I get on my cheeks). The primer is really thick, and though provided a lot of coverage I found it was too much. By the end of the day my skin felt very clogged, and it took more effort to remove than the Benefit primer. However, it sat well under foundation and kept my redness at bay.

My rating: 3/5

Dermalogica, ‘hydrablur primer’

Claims: “Lightweight, non-greasy primer minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mattifies against oily shine and imparts a silky, luminous finish to skin.”


This brand new product was the whole reason for this product testing. Other claims are that it is “like an Instagram filter for your face;” sign me up!! This primer is stunning. It is white at first, and upon application seems to transform and match to your skin colour, making it perfect for anyone. I found it really did blur my complexion; it became matte where I had previous shine, and luminous where my skin was dull. Again, it sat wonderfully under foundation and left my skin feeling lightweight all day. I would happily wear it without foundation and feel like I had full coverage.

My rating: 4.5/5
(Because no one can get full marks!)


One perk I noticed through the four days of testing these primers was an improvement in my skin. Like I said at the start of this blog, good products are the foundations of good skin, and I definitely noticed a difference in using primers under my foundation rather than just applying it to moisturised skin. The primers seemed like an additional barrier, allowing my moisturiser to work on my skin and my make up to sit on the primer barrier, helping it stay looking fresher for longer.

All of the Dermalogica products I tested were generously provided by Randle and Randle, and they would love to offer you the same experience. Pop in for a chat; Amanda is an expert in Dermalogica recommendations and can give you helpful suggestions for what will work best for your skin. But go with an open mind; I never thought an ‘AGE smart’ product would be so flattering to my skin (I’m in my early 20s), and that an ‘ultracalming’ product would cause irritation. So test a couple until you find ‘the one’ and be sure to remove it properly to keep your skin as beautiful as possible.

Perfection takes priming!


(All quoted claims have been taken from the product brand’s official website from the product’s description)

Written by: Jenny Marshall

Edited by: Amanda Randle


From myself and the team at Randle and Randle we wish you all a very happy new year!

But now the festivities and mince pies have vanished, and the temperature has plummeted (or the prosecco fuelled warmth has finally worn off), it’s difficult not to get downtrodden with winter blues. The sober realities of January taint us with dry, irritated skin, flyaway hair that just won’t seem to style and aches and pains that didn’t seem so bad through December. Fear not; below are my top treatments and products to see you through!

For when your normal moisturiser just isn’t enough to face the cold winds:

Try adding a concentrated moisturiser or booster underneath your normal moisturiser. My personal favourite is Dermalogica’s medium protectionbarrier repair: a lusciously thick water-free moisturiser that feel likes a serum. It acts as a protective “shield against environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress,” meaning not only a defence against the blustery walks in the cold, but from the irritation that can be caused from central-heating too. Need something to restore your skins natural moisture levels? Try Dermalogica’s super rich repair: this heavyweight repairing moisturiser is perfect to “use as a protective salve to shield against cold, dry environmental conditions.” Randle and Randle offer free Dermalogica skin-mapping; a thorough analysis of your skin conditions and recommended products to suit your needs (free samples and trials available).


For when you want to throw your hairbrush at the mirror because your hair JUST WON’T SIT RIGHT:

There are a number of reasons for an unruly mane. Firstly, it could be time for a cut – it’s already been 2 weeks since Christmas (honestly), so losing track of time could mean losing track of your next scheduled appointment. Another idea is to change your shampoo/conditioner at this time of year. I love Sebastian’s HYDRE collection for locking in moisture, and the TRILLIANCE for adding shine. A favourite new product of mine is the Sebastian TRILLIANT spray – a lightweight spray you add to damp hair before styling with heated tools. It provides thermal protection, serious shine, and hair that stays in place. The best part? It smells amaaaaazing.


For when you just want to take a break:

Massage is my number one relaxing treat – when stress seems to be physically piling up around you and you just want a moment of “ahhhhh….” Nothing can beat it. I love hot stone massage. Super smooth basalt stones are heated and used in the massage treatment for deeper penetration to the muscle, meaning a deeper relaxation. New to massage? Ask for advice on what will suit you and your lifestyle most beneficially – you might be surprised what can be offered. On the 23rd and 30th of January receive 50{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} off massage with Donna, so if you’re unsure what to choose as a new comer, or you’re a massage enthusiast, this month is a great time to experiment and try out new treatments!


For when you feel like you’ve lost that seasonal glitz and glamour:

Go for a new cut and/or colour! Why not mix it up? New Year: New You! And with 50{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} off all colour services with selected stylists at Randle and Randle until 30th January there really is NO better time to do it! I also find a manicure is a great way to revive that fabulous party-ready feeling.

Indulge yourself this January – there’s treats to be had and offers to be found; Christmas isn’t the only time to sparkle!

Written by: Jenny Marshall

Edited by:  Amanda Randle


What a whirlwind of a year: it only seems a short time ago that we were celebrating our first Christmas at Randle & Randle, and the second one has now been and gone.  A heartfelt thank you to all our clients for their continued support of our business, and to the staff for providing quality services throughout the year.

So what can you expect from us this year?

We have some fantastic offers coming up over the next few months, the first of which is due to launch 9th January.  We’re introducing a new massage therapist to the team on alternate Saturdays and there is a huge discount of 50% if you book with Donna on the 9th, 23rd or 30th January.  Donna trained at The Sheffield School of Beauty and offers a caring, thorough, professional treatment (I know I’ve tried it, and heck am I picky?!)

If you need to overhaul your skin regimen then the half hour Dermalogica Microzone treatment is for you.  This targeted treatment addresses your skin concerns and educates you in how to care for your skin at home with the correct products, taking the guess work out of buying.  After a consultation your skin condition is assessed and a prescriptive treatment performed.  You will be given a facemap analysis chart along with samples to take away and recommendations for purchases.  This service is also on offer at 50% off; a snip at £14.50!

Keep your eyes on the website, facebook and twitter to make sure you catch all our promotions in the coming weeks – Jenny will be back writing next week!

Hope 2016 is your best year yet


Is this a familiar sight at this time of year? Tried to get your socks and shoes back on too soon?


Don’t be ashamed; mine are exactly the same. There’s just no point faffing about with regular painting through winter – if you go to the salon you have to leave in flip-flops while it dries (in the cold and rain? No thanks) and if you do it at home you have to sit with your feet out, again, to let them dry while looking longingly at your slippers. I’m sure you’ve had that “they’ll be dry now” moment, only to find they really weren’t.  If I’m going out and plan to wear open toe shoes my trotters are lucky if they get a single coat of polish on all of them (because no one can really see your baby toe, right?). And if you’re not going to put it on properly, base coat and all, you’re going to stain them so they look even worse when you take it off again. Nightmare.

Enter the miracle of gel polish. The process of applying it is just as quick as applying regular nail polish; the only difference is that when each layer is applied you put your hand/foot under a UV light for 30-60 seconds to cure it to the nail. Once it’s cured, it’s dry. When I say “it’s dry” I mean IT’S DRY! No chipping, no spending the next hour delicately trying to get things out of your bag or walking about on your heels, no smudging; it’s not going anywhere. I love having gel on my toes through the winter, it’s hassle free and a really affordable option (Randle and Randle charge £15 for hands or feet) because it lasts sooooo long – up to 6 weeks! And who can’t resist a bright pop of colour when you take your socks off?


Gel toes: easy, affordable, mood-enhancing. What’s the catch?


Of course there has to be some minor t+c’s, so here comes the boring (but important) bit. Because gel cures to the nail, it can dehydrate and weaken it, therefore it is highly recommended, essential really, that it is removed properly to avoid any damage to the nail (don’t pick it off as you could cause your natural nail layers to peel). Randle and Randle have invested in the Essie brand due to them formulating a conditioning remover that you soak the nail in for approximately 5-10 minutes;  the remover contains keratin to keep the nail hydrated and nourished. Don’t let this minor soak off detail put you off – it’s available at the salon for £5 and can be done right before you have a new colour put on (have a cuppa and flick through a magazine), and by following this proper procedure you can expect minimal damage to the nail.

Keep your eye on the website for upcoming offers in the New Year; I’ve been promised a new selection of colours and mega deals!

Written by: Jenny Marshall

Edited by: Amanda Randle



Alert! We are in December!

Shops are about to get busier, you’re slowly realising you haven’t bought all your presents and the idea of battling down the high street is filling you with dread; it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Fear not! Randle and Randle have a fabulous selection of Christmas gifts and offers to suit every budget and client, so here’s my break-down of their best buys this winter:

Sebastian Haircare – by WELLA

Sebastian have some great value-for-money gift sets in three of their best product ranges, each presented in stylish gift boxes. All include a 50ml shampoo and 50ml conditioner with a full size styling product.

For taming: HYDRE (My personal favourite)

“Intense, nourishing formula rehydrates dry, frizzy and chemically treated hair”

Set includes:

Shampoo and Conditioner
Travel-size WHIPPED CREME: A lightweight curl enhancing mousse
Full size RE-SHAPER: Strong-hold hairspray

All for £29.90 – Save over £7


For added volume: VOLUPT

“Volume-boosting to give weightless styling, shield in lightness and enhance style”

Set includes:

Shampoo and Conditioner
Full size VOLUPT SPRAY: A light gel spray to add va-va-volume to hair

£21.90 – Save over £6


For thermal protection: TRILLIANCE

“With rock crystal extract, to cleanse and polish the surface of the hair, remove residue and give greater light reflection”

Set includes:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Full size TRILLIANT: A thermal spray treatment that protects hair and locks in shine

£21.60 – Save over £6


Dermalogica Skincare

Randle and Randle uses Dermalogica products exclusively in their skincare treatments. Why? It’s the best. Trust me – I’ve been using it for over 7 years now and refuse to use anything different… I could dedicate this entire blog to my adoration for Dermalogica. But I won’t, I’ll crack on with these OFFERS!!!As well as gift sets for every skin type, this winter you can get:

2 free products with the purchase of a 100ml moisturiser

Choose from:


Active Moist – lightweight, great for oily skin Skin Smoothing – Medium weight moisturiser for combination to drier skin (my favourite) Intensive Moisture Balance – full of nourishing antioxidants for dry skin

Each set contains a free travel-size cleanser and facial cleansing mit. Prices starting from £44.60

And to top it all off, Randle and Randle are offering an EXCLUSIVE voucher for a free microZone facial (half hour targeted skin treatment) in January when you spend £75 or more on ANY Dermalogica product(s).

Still unsure of what would be the best gift? If you prefer to let your loved ones choose their gifts, you can buy a personalised gift card at a set value, or purchase a specific treatment (hair and/or beauty) they can enjoy to wind down after the madness of Christmas is over.


Want to make your shopping even less stressful? Randle and Randle offer free gift-wrapping on all Dermalogica products too! Job done

Written by Jenny Marshall

Edited by Amanda Randle


Are you a waxing virgin? Or like me, tried it a couple of times and thought shaving was more convenient? Thinking of getting back into it? THE TIME IS NOW!


I recently had a half leg wax at Randle and Randle; since it’s winter I don’t have my legs out as much, so thought it would be easier to ‘grow them out’ and get into the waxing routine. Now is the best time to do it! Plan your waxes around events where you want to get your pins out, and the rest of the time you can secretly let them grow wild under woolly tights, leggings and jeans; all the joys of the winter wardrobe.

Getting into a routine of waxing will reduce the way the hair grows back: waxing removes the hair from the root, meaning some of the bulb (the cells around the hair at the root which looks like a white sock when its removed) will be pulled out too; resulting in that hair not growing back as quickly, since the entire bulb has to regrow before the hair can even think about getting in on the act. Pulling hair out from the root means hairs that grow back will have a gentle tapered end (shaving just takes the top of the hair off), be finer and softer, therefore thehair that grows back will be less noticeable inbetween waxing treatments. Starting waxing now, in the winter, will mean that by the time summer comes and you want your legs out more, in the time between waxes there will be less hair that grows back, and the hair that isthere will be less noticeable than the tell-tale speckles of day-old shaving regrowth (not to mention scars from shaving off the heads of mozzy bites!)


I won’t lie, it’s a bit of a grin-and-bear-it kind of experience… maybe I’ve got a low pain threshold… but it’s not so painful that I’d never do it again. I’d compare it to the first time you plucked your eyebrows – I bet you thought it would never get less painful, but now you probably whip them out without flinching. It’s been 10 days since my wax, and the regrowth is similar to what I’d experience a couple of days after shaving and I can already see the difference in the thickness of the hairs.

I was taken to the treatment room which was clean and warm.  I was left to undress and climb onto a beautifully warm bed and was asked to cover myself with the towel provided. The therapist knocked before entering the room to check I was ready and then the fun began!  She checked the extent and pattern of hair growth before cleansing the skin and applying a fine layer of talc (it stops the area from being too sticky).  A thin layer of wax was applied to cover the entire front of my leg (no going back now!) and followed this with a muslin fabric strip to remove the wax and hair in a quick, methodical manner (leaving little time to catch my breath) and the first shin was done! The whole procedure took about 15 minutes and was finished off with a moisturising antiseptic cream to soothe. Ta-dah!! Hair free pins.

So here are my waxing DOs and DON’Ts:

DO: Book in for a wax at least every 6 weeks. Your hair has a natural regrowth cycle of this time scale and by sticking to a schedule you’ll be completely/noticably hair free for at least 2-3 weeks (summer holidays with no razor!)

DON’T: Shave or use creams in between waxes; the whole point of waxing is to alter the hair growth, repeated treatment will cause finer regrowth meaning less noticeable hair

DO: Exfoliate and moisturise at least once a week to allow natural regrowth

DON’T: Use any perfumed moisturisers, take excessively hot showers or spend time in a sauna/steam room/swimming pool in the 24 hours after getting waxed and definitely don’t apply fake tan until at least 48 hours after.

DO: Check that the salon you go to has a competent/qualified therapist and that they work in a hygenic/safe manner (e.g wear gloves/apron)

Randle & Randle offer hot and warm wax services to ensure effective hair removal from any area.  Waxing priced from £4 for lip/chin upto £25 for Brazilian or Hollywood waxing.  Check out the products/services page on the website for more info on cost.

Jenny Marshall


Hello readers!

I’m delighted to announce that I will be the new blogger for Randle and Randle (Jenny Marshall).  Each week I’ll be road-testing products and treatments, giving you information on the latest trends and keeping you up to date with the salon’s latest offers.

This week I’d like to talk about the absolute necessity that is hair consultation.

Every time you go for a hair treatment it is ESSENTIAL that your stylist gives you a thorough consultation before doing anything else.  I’ve been to salons before where I’ve been whisked straight over to the sinks for a shampoo before even seeing my stylist, so when they come to ask me what I want, they can’t see my hair’s natural shape, how I normally style it, or see and feel its texture; resulting in a shoddy cut.  I have entrusted my tresses to Glynn at Randle and Randle for the past 3 years; he knows how to work with it and because he’s been styling it for so long, knows what to suggest.

Which brings me back to the terrifying title of this blog: “I think we should shave your hair off.” I recently had my thick, wavy hair cut again with Glynn – (my current style is an A-line bob), which had overgrown .  In my consultation I said that I was thinking of growing it out, because although I absolutely love the style, I found it difficult to manage day-to-day as I have to tie my hair up a lot and having the short bits falling out all over was a bit of a pain.  Glynn’s response was that he could see how much I loved it short (mainly because I kept saying it), so he suggested doing an undercut to reduce the amount of hair I have to deal with, making it easer to achieve the sleek style which I love – hence the shave around the back of my neck.  I would never have thought of that!  Now I have the style that I want that is 100{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} easier to manage –  hoorahhh!


NB:  I am not suggesting that you all go and have undercuts, this was recommended for myhair and its’ characteristics!

So my point is: talk to your stylist and trust them.  If you’ve been with the same one for a while you should have a good rapport (if not then why not?) and they may be able to suggest something that you never imagined.  They are qualified and working in a professional industry, and though you know your own hair better than anyone, they have a pretty good understanding of what will look good.

Next week: WAXING

Jennifer Marshall is 23 years old and in her 2nd year at Sheffield University where she is studying English Literature.


The summer is well and truly over; leaves are turning from green to golden brown, red and ochre.  The rich deep purples of the fruits of elderberries and blackberries are fading and the horse chestnut tree is getting ready to drop its spiky covered treasure, while the squirrels are in abundance gathering acorns for the winter months.

For the hair and beauty industry this is the time for us to overhaul your colour/hair cut and skin regimen to make sure you stay looking as healthy as possible through the long, dark winter nights.

Here at Randle & Randle we would like to help you achieve your Autumn/Winter look enjoying the convenience of being able to undergo the whole process in one visit.




The latest colour trends consist of a mix of rich berry colours, vibrant blues/greens with some classy nudes and peaches for a softer look.  Well manicured nails never go out of fashion; more and more clients are turning to gel polish as they get a “good to go” finish which means they aren’t wasting time sitting for polish drying before they leave the salon.  Nevertheless nail polish wearers love the fact they can change their colour quickly without soaking off a product; this means you can keep your look on trend all the time.





At this time of year your skin will begin to change, possibly becoming drier and showing some sensitivity.  This is down to a number of factors, including:

Environmental changes – central heating, fires, cold mornings, wind, all dehydrate the skin and can lead to redness/dryness

Dietary changes – eating more comfort food and less salads, veg and fruit makes the circulation a little more sluggish and the skin cells turnover will slow down, leading to a duller looking complexion.

Stress levels – in the run up to Christmas many people’s stress levels rise, add this to ill heath in the form of colds/flu and your skin can become irritated and sensitive, or lead to pustular breakouts.

Using the wrong products – as your skin changes over the seasons the products you used in the summer months may not be doing the job anymore, causing congestion and problem areas, especially around the jaw line and forehead.

Pop in to see us and we will look over your skin regimen, perform the signature Dermalogica FaceMapping procedure and try products out with you.  You’ll get a personalised prescription of products to suit your skin condition with a guarantee if they don’t work we’ll take them back!



The focus is still on keeping coloured hair in as good a condition as possible by using careful colour techniques.  Colours in general are staying cool, whilst blondes are going bronde.  If you’re bold then reds are always a winner, just remember that the colour does fade quickly so using shampoo with colour protection is vital – we recommend Pureology.  Colour is also moving away from the ombre and dip dyed looks, instead the colour is travelling back towards the roots with halos of natural colour worked through the top to keep maintenance low.


Cuts should be to suit your face shape, but the bob is undoubtedly a universally flattering cut, whether worn wavy or short the versatiltiy of the style means it will flatter every woman.  Longer length hair trends are still showcasing the boho look, with soft loose curls and middle partings. Shorter hair cuts are a fast moving trend and the cut needs to suit your lifestyle since it generally requires washing and styling everyday.  For all styles your hairdresser will recommend styling products, shampoos and conditioners which will keep your locks in tip top condition.  High St brands usually contain cheap fillers, sulphates and parabens which will damage the condition with prolonged use.


Listen to your professionals for sound advice on how to maintain skin, hair and nails as the seasons change and watch out for special offers to help you keep on trend throughout Autumn and Winter.  The team at Randle & Randle look forward to meeting your needs!


When Randle & Randle opened in February 2014 Jess was our resident nail technician.  Carly joined the team in March 2015 and together they have steadily built a loyal clientele. They specialise in silk and acrylic nail extensions and also gel polish application along with regular manicure and pedicure services.

So what does it take to achieve a fantastic set of nails which stay looking good between salon visits?


You certainly need an eye for detail and the desire for perfection every time.  Fine motor skills play an important role in sizing the tips and ensuring they show no visible attachment or blend lines before silk or acrylic is applied.  By achieving a seamless finish at this stage the overlay product is smooth and ridge free ready for either polish application or gel.  Following on with good homecare advice provided by your technician is a must to protect the good work carried out and give longevity for the structures – so please invest in a pair of rubber gloves for pot washing and cleaning, why pay for a service and ruin it with daily life?


Another skill for a succesful nail technician is the ability to be able to chat with the client and work at the same time! Clients like to be able to talk in a friendly relaxed environment and know the technician is also concentrating on getting the result they want, in the time slot they’ve allocated.  A smiling face and generally good engagement throughout means that the time passes quickly for a client and encourages repeat booking if they’ve had an enjoyable experience.

A professional nail technician will always aim to protect the natural nail, even when applying extensions.  If you’ve ever had any nail trauma you know how painful it is; always tell your technician if it hurts!! It shouldn’t, but there might be occasions when some heat curing on sensitivity might be expected.  There are some products which are used in budget nail salons that are actually banned from use because of the damage they cause to your natural nail; check out the page below and read for yourselves


So what should you expect from Jess and Carly?

When you come for an appointment and you have products already on your nails then a soak off or polish removal will start treatment before they assess the condition of your nails. If there is no damage then your requested service can go ahead.  If they feel that another service from the one booked would be more beneficial, then they would recommend an alternative.  The most important factor for Jess and Carly is that you know what is going on your nails and how you can look after them between visits.  So if you feel unsure of anything, just ask – they know their stuff!