Hi folks

Just to let you know that we are open next week as usual; the shut down plans were changed, to spread the work load.


Happy days; light nights, bird song in the mornings, busy work days and lovely walks with our growing puppies.

Thank you to all of our lovely clients, old and new for making our working days fun packed and productive.  We’re gaining a strong reputation for providing quality services which means we’re getting busier week on week and as a result have two new members of staff on board, as well as a new level 2 hair apprentice.


Carly has joined the team as a nail technician/beauty therapist, having moved from Salon229, where she had built a loyal clientele.  She is passionate about nails and provides a precision service in silk, acylic and gel.  She is a fun and bubbly character who will make you feel at ease quickly.

Rachel is our new part-time stylist with over 20 years experience in the industry, salon and mobile services.  She has worked with Glynn over the years and wanted to return to working in a salon part-time to recapture some team spirit (being mobile and working independently can be quite isolating).  She is a mature stylist with a strong work ethic, great professional attitude and is never stuck for conversation!

Alex is our new apprentice and is working towards her level 2 hairdressing qualification.  She is showing good potential and once she builds confidence will be an asset to the team.


From this week (13.04.15) we have decided to shut a little earlier on Wednesdays, closing at 6pm instead of 7pm.  And I’m taking Wednesdays off to work from home – and obviously spend some quality time with “the boys”; it means that Mr Glynn can come home at a reasonable hour and have a meal ready for him at least once a week.  Eating late 3 nights a week isn’t good for us so we’re trying to get the work/life balance a bit more in our favour.


We closed the salon early on the Saturday before Easter and also on the Tuesday so that we could all have a well deserved long weekend.  We went to Norfolk and recharged our batteries; lots of fresh air and walks on the beach combined with nice food and wine!  We agreed that to ensure we all got another stress free rest,  we would close the salon for a week in August.  So put the date in your diary and get your appointments booked in pre or post shut down.

AUGUST SHUT DOWN – 5pm Saturday 1st August until 10am Monday 10th August



We’ll be running a special promotion in conjunction with Underground Fitness from 18.04.15 for one month.  There will be a postbox in the salon for those wanting to win a FREE 6 week bikini fit/trunks fit fitness package with Georgia and her team.  All you need to do is write your details on a postcard and drop it in the box.  The winner will be drawn 19.05.15.  Georgia is one of the most inspirational personal trainers you’re ever likely to meet – I’ve known her for about 18 years and she is a font of knowledge, has boundless energy and gives easy to follow advise to help achieve your goals.  Get your entries in and experience the force that is Georgia Hall and Underground Fitness

Remember to check out the offers page for budget beauty and nail services.


So where did January go?……..

Can’t believe that February has arrived and some well received longer daylight hours – it was nearly 5 o’clock today before I needed to close the curtains; spring is just around the corner!!  (I can smell it – or is that just my new room fragrance)!

The one thing about the seasons changing and the passing of time is that it happens regardless, without us being able to control it, we just have to work with it and adapt to each new day (and enjoy snow days). Adapting daily is something we’ve learned about running a new business – accept that change is necessary and go with the flow.  Ecclesall Rd is forever changing and new businesses spring up all the time, we’ve managed to reach our 1st year opening anniversary on the 14th of this month and can honestly say we’ve never worked harder, or worked such long hours in our lives!  There’s competition at every turn and keeping focussed on our values can sometimes be tested when we see other businesses new marketing campaigns and advertisements aiming to entice new custom.

To keep our values and strengths we’re constantly looking at what we can offer, but it still comes down to the basic fact that we genuinely care about what we do and love the industry.  The staff who work with us at Randle and Randle have worked just as hard as we have to create the friendly but professional environment and we aim to keep that standard with any new staff joining us along the way.  Our latest recruits are extremely boisterous, lively and very cute – they bring a smile to everyones face when they come into the salon and will, in time be fully house trained!!!  I’ve not managed to capture a still photo that does them any justice so far, but there is a short video clip of them in our laundry bag shamelessly advertising for Ikea – copy and paste the address to see Buster (black) and Bosley (white/brindle), or call in to see us as they can usually be found with us in the salon except on weekends.


Happy new year to all!

2014 has passed by in a flash and we’re preparing for our first year anniversary since opening the doors at Randle and Randle. Thank you for your support, encouragement and repeated business – long may it continue!!  December and November were extremely busy months for us and our client base is growing steadily.  All the team were ready for a few days off over the festive period to recuperate and as often happens when you finally get to the finish line (56 straight days of work for me and Glynn), your body says thank god for that and decides to lay you low for a while.  Apologies to our clients on the days between Christmas and New year if we exposed you to yet another strain of the common cold, fortunately it is one that has been quick to exit!!

So what’s new for 2015?

HAIR: Those oldies of the Sheffield hairdressing scene will know that the inimitable Mr (Mark) James Rushton has joined our team on Fridays and Saturdays, bringing with him his wit, wisdom and experience (La Coupe is still recovering from the 80’s stint)! For those yet to meet him, hang on to your hats and join in the banter – it’s fast and furious!

We’re on the look out for more stylists in the next few months to add to our team, so if you are interested or know anyone who might want to join us please get in touch 0114 2666288/

BEAUTY: We’re launching a new body treatment from this month which can be customised to your needs.  It consists of a full body exfoliation, body mask and massage and can help to speed up your new year detox (which I’m sure we’re all considering), or to soften and hydrate your skin pre/post holiday, or to get you silky smooth for a special occasion.  You’ll be wrapped, pampered and cleaned, kept warm and cosy over the 2 hour treatment and you’ll be amazed at the results.


The following is a testimonial from a client who has experienced the treatment….(I didn’t bribe her by the way)!

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this treatment (mud wrap).  Amanda said I would be wrapped up like a Kit-Kat, which didn’t sound particularly glamourous but I was keen to see the end results of ‘beautiful silky skin’.

The treatment began with an all over body scrub which was removed with hot towels.  Next the mud was applied all over my body and then I was wrapped in layers of plastic, foil and blankets.  This actually wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it might be and the lovely head massage certainly took my mind off things!  The mud is then removed with hot towels and all the wrappings are taken away.

The final part of the treatment – a massage with moisturising cream and treatment oil is by far the best part.  Very relaxing!

This is quite a long and involved treatment but time passed by quickly and the end result was definitely worth it.  My skin really did feel very soft and smooth and certainly something I would have done before a special event or as a post-Xmas detox!

Amanda was brilliant!  Her attention to detail and efficient technique made the treatment very relaxing.  She was concerned about my comfort throughout, which was extremely refreshing.”

So that’s the rest, runny noses and wrappings taken care of; The resolutions??

We don’t really make new years resolutions but we want to make 2015 a year of growth for the business and offer top class service to everyone who comes into the salon.  If we don’t make you happy and satisfied with your service when you visit the salon your duty is to let us know!!! We like constructive critiscism, it keeps us on our toes,  and since we’re all professionals our advice and actions are based on knowledge, experience and a genuine desire to get it right, so if we don’t put us out of our misery please.

Check out our January specials and we look forward to seeing you soon

Amanda, Glynn and the team at Randle & Randle

Oh and by the way meet Bozley and Buster – our new kids on the block from the end of January (don’t worry they won’t be cutting your hair!)





It’s been an eventful few weeks at Randle & Randle; business is booming and there seem to be changes daily!  I’ll start the blog with the bad/ugly before the good and the beautiful.

Bad and the ugly

So………..the images above greeted us yesterday morning 22.11.14 as we arrived to work for a fully booked day.  Some half-wit goon, with a bit of grudge had thrown two bricks through our windows – nothing had been stolen or damaged, so apart from cleaning up glass which had shattered the entire length of the salon business went on as usual, if somewhat slightly delayed and with added natural ventilation.  We’d like to thank our clients for accepting the inconvenience and their loyalty to our business.  It seems everyone was talking about it so if whoever did the deed was hoping we would shut up shop, it has actually had the opposite effect of making us more high profile on Eccy Rd and people who hadn’t noticed us before are now aware of what we do. We have boards up at the windows and feel as though we should do a 60 minute type make-over before the new glass goes in on Tuesday and do a big reveal – no time unfortunately because that would be good fun! Thank god we’re insured as two large panes of glass aren’t cheap!

Good and beautiful

On a much more positive note we’ve achieved successful treatment promotions and held 2 Christmas events. We’ve enjoyed the company of our clients helping them to shop for themselves and their families whilst indulging in fizz, sherry and mince pies.  For those of you who know me, my usual take on Christmas is get it out of the way quickly with as little fuss as possible (put the tree up Christmas eve and take it down New Years day: Boxing day would be better) so having to dress the windows and be festive in November is a bit of a novelty.  Being in business does dictate that you’re actually working at least 6-8 weeks ahead of others to make sure you’re ready for events/dates in the yearly calendar – so yes we are planning our 1 year anniversary combined with Valentines day promotions now. (Hurray….. we got through Christmas!!).

We’re now open on Sunday and Monday making us a 7 day a week business – we’re testing the waters to see if there is a need for services on these days.  Myself and Glynn are working every day so if we look a little unkempt sometimes it means that a) we’ve probably been eating rubbish b) not sleeping enough and c) overly high on caffeine or sugar!!

We’ve also had staff changes; Kristina has now left to take up more teaching hours at The Sheffield School of Beauty. We’ve welcomed James Rushton (some of you might know him as Mark) back to Ecclesall Rd and he’s with us on Fridays and Saturdays. He has just celebrated his 50th birthday and is excited at the prospect of working with us oldies!  Harry Randle is now working with us on Saturdays under the watchful eye of Mr Glynn, (his dad) at least until we reach the new year.  Who knows he might make a career out of it and start to compete with him!


And finally…………..we have an editorial in the December issue of Westside.  Woohoo; thanks Andrea it looks great, be sure to have a read.  And if you haven’t got your hair or beauty appointment for December make it sooner rather than later!


Party season is fast approaching, and one of the first things to suffer from over indulgence is our skin (oh….. and the liver!),  Follow our tips to keep your skin soft, supple and glowing throughout Christmas and into the new year.  Remember your skin is for life, not just for Christmas.

Cleanse and cleanse again; Healthy, glowing skin starts by cleaning it properly with a suitable product which doesn’t strip the natural oils.Once you’ve been prescribed a suitable cleanser make sure you use it accordingly.  The first cleanse will remove surface dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and make-up.  By repeating the process you’re cleaning out the pores, stimulating circulation and gently taking away any excess dead skin cells.  Your skin should feel clean and not tight or sore.

Exfoliate: Use a gentle exfoliator at least once a week to remove the build up of dead cells and reveal a brighter complexion. Your product shouldn’t feel overly scratchy on the skin and you should use a gentle massaging action to work the product into the skin.  Don’t scrub at it as though you’re sanding the skirting boards!!


Keep hydrated: We’re made up of 70{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} water and need to keep our fluid levels up so that all our organs can function to their optimum, including our skin.  As standard we all know that we’re expected to drink 6-8 glasses per day. In the winter this never seems as achievable as in the warmer summer months because we naturally want something warm and comforting.  If you can, try to have a small water before your coffee or tea, and serve a smaller quantity of your hot drink. Central heating will cause you to dehydrate more quickly, and real fires and woodburners may cause your skin to dry out and become more sensitive – so try not to sit too close.


Don’t sleep in your make-up: Your skin is at its’ most active when you’re asleep (even when it’s a drink induced one) and will renew/regenerate skin cells.  If you leave your make up on then the pores can become blocked as the cells can’t push through resulting in inflammation, congestion and spots.


Moisturise: By moisturising you are preventing essential water (moisture) loss through your skin, keeping your hydration levels under control.  If your moisturiser feels too heavy then it usually means the oil content or another ingredient isn’t right for your skin.  Alternatively if your skin feels tight even after moisturising then the product is too light for you. Moisturising also helps protect your skin from extremes of temperature and provides a smooth base to apply foundation.

SPF: Even in the winter months you are exposed to the same level of UVA rays as in the summer: it’s just the UVB rays that become much weaker. UVA causes ageing whilst UVB is the one responsible for burning.  Therefore your daytime moisturiser should have at least an SPF of 15 to combat fine lines and ageing.

Make a new year resolution: Your skin is exposed to the elements and environment every day, and it needs looking after; resolve to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and by next Christmas your skin will naturally be sporting a healthy glow.



As business owners we wonder on a daily basis what attracts or detracts customers from coming into our salon; so this time we had a discussion over a glass of wine at a much more civilised hour of the day.  The following are our personal opinions and we’d love to hear if you have any other thoughts on the subject.

Recommendation: This is the ultimate for any business to gain clients.  For an existing client to recommend the business to others speaks volumes.  Word of mouth is always the best way to build and grow the business.

The salon decor environment: Of paramount importance to most visitors is cleanliness and tidiness of the salon.  There doesn’t need to be a distinct style of decor/theme, but it needs to be functional, fit for the purpose, in good repair and pleasing to the eye.  There also needs to be  a pleasant or suitable aroma wafting through; and the windows should be clean!

Staff: Would you want to visit a hair salon to get your hair done by someone who has really bad hair?  You’d worry that if they can’t look after their own why should you trust them to create a flattering style for you? Do they know you and greet you by name on arrival, or look you up and down because you don’t quite fit in with the salon fashionistas’?  Do they listen to you and show interest in what you have to say?  Are they continually checking their phone?  Do they forget you have a colour on and decide to go and get lunch? Positive body language and great people skills are necessary to keep a client – being professional but on a personal level.

Price offers: As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so if the price is amazingly cheap there’s usually a reason and you may get a service from a junior or inexperienced member of staff who may still be in training.  Information needs to be given freely about the level of service you will receive.

Consultation: Does your hairdresser do a consultation with you every-time you visit the salon?  You should be asked how you managed with your style/cut/colour since your last visit, if you want to change anything and if you didn’t like anything about your last service.  This is the only way your stylist can endeavour to meet your needs; without knowing your expectations there is no way they can create satisfaction, so be honest and chat about how you enjoy wearing your hair.  If you really only want a trim, make sure you talk it through about what you and your stylist consider to be a ‘trim’! Remember you’re the one it affects on a daily basis, so you need to know how to manage it to get the best from the style.


Lifestyle: Your stylist should really find out about the time you have to commit to your hairstyle before making recommendations.  They will consider the texture, styling techniques available,as well as your level of skill and patience!

Drinks: It’s customary to offer complimentary drinks to the clients. Remember that a salon isn’t a cafe, so you might be disappointed in the quality and presentation.  In recent years this part of a salon visit is now something that is high on the agenda for some and is seen as a little luxury.  If the drinks are served in clean cups (don’t you hate it when you can see coffee stains in the cup along with a couple of chips in the crockery?), and with a little something to nibble on the side scores some brownie points.

Your stylist: Are they well presented, clean, tidy and genuinely interested in their work?  Do they try to educate you with styling tips, product knowledge and how to create different looks with your hair?  The best stylists keep their interest and skills fresh by constantly updating knowledge and trying new trends.  If you feel they’re not giving their best and just giving you the same thing over and over, start to ask questions on how you can change, take in pictures of styles you like – and if they don’t up their game, maybe search out another one.  Watch how they interact with colleagues and the team to ensure that the whole of the salon is enjoying a postive experience.


The industry is full of competetion, and what one person looks for will differ greatly to another; but one thing every one wants is great service and a haircut/style/colour they really like and can manage!  Training in all aspects of hairdressing should be continuous and gaps in skill need to be identified quickly so a standard of service is synonymous with the salon.  It allows a team to support each other and know that if they ever need to pass a client on to a colleague they will enjoy the same level of service and results.  Randle & Randle is still new and evolving, but one thing we care about is building a reputation built on solid, consistent service levels, which is why we aim to train our workforce to a standard that college and some salons may not.  We welcome feedback and aim to work with every client to achieve their goals.  We also know that sometimes you expect us to have a magic wand – on these occasions we need to give sound advice about what is possible and make sure that you know it might take more than one visit to get you to where you want to be. Everyone is learning everyday!


So bloggers………………….London and our Christmas do.

After a very busy end to the trading week we left work on Saturday with the team brief to meet at the station in the morning for no later than 9.15am.  As most of you are aware being in the hair & beauty trade means long hours and working Saturdays, so our Sundays are pretty precious to us!  Imagine our surprise then when Glynn and I arrived at 9am to a full posse (well, minus Rob  who was having another 10minutes nap!). He duly arrived bang on time and the proceedings could get underway.  Having booked train tickets in advance we saved a small fortune and it meant we had allocated seats next to each other; Mr G provided early morning beverages to kick start the team (read in to that what you will).

We arrived at our Kensington apartment shortly after 1pm and I have to say we were very impressed with the place; great location, plenty of room for everyone, clean, tidy and comfortable (I would highly recommend using air bnb if you want a large place for a team get together rather than using hotels; it works out much cheaper).  We’d brought some excellent rib eye steak with us for a cook up, so after a quick grocery and booze run we were on it! So far so good.

The evenings entertainment was to be the Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert Hall.

Glynn has been visiting this show for years and was keen to get there; however the weather, the tube, taxis and London in general meant we arrived late, wet and a little stressed.  The show was very loud, showcased weird and wonderful style concepts and contained the pedigree salons of the business. I shared my seat for the first half with the lady next me; she had no concept of her size, was completely unaware of her close proximity and incredible body heat.  My right thigh was on fire and I was pinned.  And yes I was grumpy (I had also taken a tumble on the slippery pavements and was starting to bruise), fortunately I could change seats at the interval and share my hot thigh with others! The show didn’t finish until 11pm, it was still raining and there was a distinct lack of taxis or tube action! London baby…………………………….


Monday morning was Salon International at Excel, which is 4 days by donkey from where we stayed (or one tube and the DLR – just being dramatic).  The show was packed full of demonstrations, live cat walks, skinny female models, buff male models and the opportunity for hands on with the exhibitors wares. We learned a lot, trialled some new bits of kit and soaked up the atmosphere.  By the time we left we had no desire to a) walk any further than was absolutely necessary b) see any more hair related activities c) travel by tube ever again!

We pitched up to Covent Garden, guzzled a few beers in the first pub we saw, followed by eating at Jamie Olivers outdoor muncherie (where incidentally the seats are heated and my hot thighs returned!!) before we caught the 10.25pm train home – exhausted, inspired and slightly tiddly.  Well it was Christmas after all!


Next time we go to the big smoke for this event it needs to be a 2 night stay; we were guilty of trying to do too much and forgot that travelling in London takes far more time than you bargain for.  Having to carry our overnight bags on the Monday (this is where hotel accommodation has the advantage over air bnb, since they usually allow you to store on check out) and the very rainy weather, conspired to make the day harder than it should have been.  Also seeing the Alternative Hair Show before visiting the exhibition isn’t the best, it makes more sense when you’ve seen the models and concepts of the participants in the show up close since you then have an experience to build on when the catwalk begins. Already planning for next year and might start a savings club so we can do it in more style next time; champagne and canapes, luxury hotel, limousine for every trip…………………….delusions of grandeur??


It’s a short blog this week as I’m on another training course for two days this week and time is precious.  New body treatments will be on the menu soon so keep your eyes peeled for some offers!

Dermalogica thermal stamp trreatment

Dermalogica thermal stamp trreatment

As new business owners Glynn and I have learned a huge amount in a short space of time. Whilst we have an image and ethos we believe in, trying to get this across to others isn’t always easy.  For some, we’re just another hair and beauty salon on Ecclesall Rd, that may or may not be there in the next 2-3 years.  For us it’s the culmination of years working in the industry we’re both passionate about, learning our craft inside and out before launching ourselves into a long lease with a business idea that will grow, expand and develop with us.

This brings me round to the title of the blog: Effort!  Every morning we wake up and usually over coffee, discuss the possible days events and put time and energy into making our salon look clean, inviting and professional. We’re very fortunate that we don’t have to dress for our early meeting!!

At the moment we are wearing a lot of hats!, We’re managers, planners, cleaners, administrators, technical support, educators and teachers, whilst continuing with our hairdresser and therapist roles. So what might happen if we stopped putting in the effort?  I shudder to think; we certainly would see our trade plummet and our reputation start to go down the pan.  By being “in the business” as a constant presence our clients have continuity and a regular point of contact so we can greet our clients by their first name. Not only that, for both of us, the feeling of not giving 100{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} attention to our investment everyday doesn’t enter our thoughts.  We know what we want to achieve and we’re determined to get there.  We’re loving the daily challenges, learning new skills and watching our work colleagues grow in confidence along with the business.

I remember when my daughter got an award in her last year of primary school – there were awards for best this, best that and best the other, and for each one the child got a medal and a certificate.  The final award was for effort; which she was presented with.  She looked suitably disturbed when I collected her and said, “I can’t believe I only got one for effort, I’ve tried hard all year!” ……my comments?……”that’s precisely why you’ve won it, you’ve never stopped trying and your teachers have recognised that, if you were best at making tea would you stop putting in the effort every time you made a cup because you knew were best?”  She got the point and still does her utmost for everything she undertakes – as does her brother (in case he reads this and gets irritated!)



his coming weekend Glynn, myself and the team are off to London for our ‘Christmas do’.  Ok it’s very early for Xmas celebrations but December is usually a full on month so we decided to do something fun but educational before we’re all too tired to party.  So the weekend will see us all sharing a large apartment in Kensington, food cooked courtesy of Mr G, maybe a few Xmas crackers and party hats followed with a trip the Royal Albert Hall for the alternative hair show on Sunday evening.  Effort………………….keep making it, keep trying and keep learning otherwise you might become bored and take things for granted when in fact you have the ability to make things happen!

woman receiving a back massage


This weeks blog topic recounts my personal experiences on becoming and working as a professional therapist, and how my first love of massage has given me food for thought, developed my skills and shown me various humerous moments over the years.

Definition of massage: The word comes from the French massage “friction of kneading”, or from Arabic massa meaning “to touch, feel or handle”. It is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques; to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability,promote relaxation and well-being.

So why is it that being a “masseuse” invites such innuendos for a lot of the English population? From the dictionary definition quoted above, there is no “oooh ‘er missus” style of massage represented (please read “oooh ‘er missus in a very thick Yorkshire or Frankie Howerd accent, which ever suits)
I began my training as an holistic therapist in June 2000 and was questioned repeatedly by friends and family on a: why I wanted to pursue it as a career? And b: well just see later comments!

To be honest I wanted to become a personal trainer and follow in the footsteps of a very inspirational lady who had taught me to value exercise and what it could for me (at the moment exercise is an expensive 8 letter word, since my gym attendance has become non existent recently) and is represented by a ring of fat around my middle!). After considering that at 34 years of age with a couple of years hard physical training, my career in that field may be over before it began I changed tack and decided that in being a therapist, there are always people who need to be fixed (especially physically active personal trainers).  I enroled on a course and from day one I knew this was what I was meant to do.  My tutor was, and still is an amazing lady (I believe working in Sutton Coalfield), her words ring in my ears regularly “everyone can massage, but not everyone can give a massage”.  She explained that the techniques are easily taught but you have to be receptive and intuitive to the indvidual to really have impact on the mind, body and soul. Her teaching skills and passion for her subject fuelled my own desire to become self sufficient and quit the mind numbing job of part-time call centre automaton to start working for myself.

Massage is a physical skill and you need to pace yourself to ensure that each client gets the best from you. Posture and technique are key, without either, then the therapist becomes tired easily and treatment is below par.  By learning how to use your body, the power comes from your core as opposed to hands and arms only – exercise principles engaged.

So….anyone who has had a massage usually leaves the treatment room feeling calm, loose limbed, tired, exhausted, lighter, happier, relaxed.  Which brings me back to point b!  The other regular question asked when someone disovers they’re in the company of a professionally trained massage therapist is…………….oooh, do you do extras???  Why yes we do! It involves a glass of water or herbal tea and advice on how to feel all of the above on a more regular basis.

As a female therapist I decided early on that I was sufficiently confident in my survival skills and my professional work ethics to deal with any given situation, with either sex.  I’ve only encountered 2 questionable incidents in 15 years of practice (both of which I had instant reservations about but gave the benefit of doubt)  and I’ve learned lessons from both. 1) Only treat a client if you feel completey comfortable in the working environment,  2) trust your gut instinct and 3) No amount of money should sway your professional integrity – if in doubt stop what you’re doing and ask the client to leave.

What should you expect from a therapeutic massage treatment?

First and foremost your therapist should be wearing a professional, clean uniform (or non revealing clothing!), hair should be off the collar and face, with short nails.

A consultation should be done to find out if you are suitable to have a treatment and not cause or exacerbate any medical condition.  By discussing your reasons for having massage  a treatment plan can be agreed; you should be asked to sign and date each time you visit.

Your treatment room should be private (unless you’re in a training environment for assessment purposes), warm, clean and tidy.

You should be left to undress privately (leave underwear on) and be provided with blankets or towels to cover you up.

When your therapist returns they should ensure you are comfortable and check the level of lighting and volume of music if playing any.

During treatment the therapist should only uncover the body part being worked on.


Pressure and comfort should be checked regularly throughout.

Conversation should be led by the client – if your therapist talks incessantly they’re not focussing on your needs.  You’re paying for a professional treatment remember, not to listen to someone elses’ day to day personal trials.  If you feel confident in talking through problems with your therapist go ahead; it’s about you, not the therapist.

At the end of treatment you should be left to dress privately and provided with aftercare advice (how your body and mind may react later, what’s normal and what’s not), and a drink of water or herbal tea.  Further treatment recommendations should be given.


So there you have it; you now know what a therapeutic massage therapist is striving to achieve.  It’s hard, physical work, but very rewarding as you are giving a bit of yourself each time.  In terms of enjoyment massage always allows me to ‘tune in’ and ‘tune out’ making my head clearer and more mindful (bonus for me).  Hopefully in my teaching I was able to get this point across and have helped others begin their own careers and businesses.

Call in and see us at Randle and Randle if you want to try a massage experience but don’t want to book until you’re sure it’s right for you.  Consultation is free and you can get to know your therapist before hand. 0114 2666288