I may be biased since Mr Glynn Randle is my husband; but his creativity, drive and flair never cease to amaze me. After our best trading week so far, 60 hours in, (etched on my face not his) he created a master piece for a client who was going to a themed evening event, (1950’s murder mystery). He provided banter, education and a Budweiser before completing his work; and I have to say I missed the finished look as I was treating a client on her departure. Thank heaven for mobile phones with the ability to capture a smart image that I don’t have to bother resizing for internet use – if she was the murderess I hope she went for the Oscar!!!

What’s it like to play second fiddle to a creative talent like Mr R? No contest, we compliment each other and anyway he’s crap at the paperwork so a marriage made in heaven and Eccy Rd!!.download-1


We made it by the skin of our teeth; on the 13th February at 5pm, a very anxious and frustrated Glynn and Amanda could finally get in to make the salon habitable for clients who were due to arrive at 9am the following morning – no pressure!!!

Where to start? Cleaning, unpacking, ferrying stuff from our make shift warehouse at home and receiving our final furniture delivery (cheers Ray for mucking in); and not forgetting calling or pleading for favours to help us. The cavalry was on it and we achieved an incredible amount in a few hours. Being the clean freak that I am I was concerned that the place needed another full on clean before morning but weariness and an insistence by others that it was spotless allowed us to leave after midnight for a shower and bed.

A very early start ensued with me struggling to fix in the computer and till system – a job we’d completely forgotten about!! Glynn had to hustle some towels and gowns from a local supplier as we had expected them free with our order (oops they came in the higher priced deal). He screeched back to the salon with said items and a dozen red roses for me: a romantic gesture amidst all the mayhem and sleep deprivation, almost reduced me to tears, but as the saying goes the show has to go on!!

The doors opened at 9am: Randle and Randle was born!

It’s been a full on month, lots to learn and deal with, but we’re enjoying the journey. It feels like we’ve moved house; everything is in, but necessarily in the right place for convenience, so things are changing daily making for a more efficient and comfortable environment. We’re confident that we’re giving a quality service and meeting our clients needs. The team is working well together and the atmosphere is very positive. The next 30 days will let us settle in to the business and start to make changes where we think it’s relevant – heaven forbid we should stand still!


Watch this space for photo’s and comments over the coming weeks


So here we are, less than 6 months after we contemplated how much fun it would be to work together whilst on honeymoon, Randle & Randle is set to open its doors for business on the 14th February 2014.
We’ve experienced a huge amount of goodwill and fortune in our plans so far and have a brilliant team of people who have helped us get prepared for us to take over the universe!! (Well Eccy Rd at least). We’re raring to go and very excited at the prospect of working in a brand new environment and creating a happy, professional team of staff who value customer service and satisfaction.

We’ve learned some new skills along the way, including how to use twitter and facebook – old fashioned techniques of the carrier pigeon are well and truly shelved!

Keep watching this space for updates – roll on the 14th

Amanda & Glynn