What a fabulous day I have had!

I had planned my holidays and looked forward to them with excitement, when I realised I also wanted to look my best. I am a regular at the salon and wanted to combine several treatments before my trip, Amanda managed to plan a day for me to fit them all in.

Dermalogica stress positive treatment

It started with my eyelashes, being removed, as I had them refilled 4 times and it was time for a fresh set. Once they were off, Amanda set to work with her hot stones and I received a full body massage. This was followed by the stress positive eye treatment in full. I had heard about this, but as I had eyelashes on, I was not able to have this treatment before. I had my eyes covered and various Dermalogica products were applied. An ion-active facial followed and by now, I was feeling so chilled and relaxed.

After a spot of lunch, with one of Randle and Randle’s superb coffees, it was time for Sophie to take over, with a manicure. We choose a gorgeous shade of sparkly pink and added a bit of artwork with a stamp of cherries. Then we went back into the treatment room for and eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and a full set of eyelashes put back on. Wow, the difference! My eyes sparkled from the stress positive treatment earlier and looked so wide and open with the lashes and tint. Won’t need to pack the mascara!

Sophie finished off with a pedicure, which we matched to my manicure. Then it was back out to have my hair finished with a wash and blow-dry from Stacey. Now I was ready for my holiday. I highly recommend having a day like this, you leave feeling on a high as everything is perfect. Amanda said she could arrange any of the treatments like this again…..wonder if I should have booked a wax too?  by Kay Farrell

A different kind of birthday present

Hot stones massageFor a different kind of birthday present my wife gave me vouchers to use at Randle and Randle. I definitely needed a haircut, and I usually get a short back and sides. Glynn talked to me about how I work and how much time I spent on my hair and then expertly cut it into a style, which I can just wash and get on with my day.

However, egged on by my wife and daughters I also had a hot stone massage and facial provided by Amanda. I have had the massage before and it gets rid of all the aches and pains, leaving you relaxed and chilled. The facial was a totally new experience, and this was definitely a step into the unknown. All I will say is, as a full blown outdoorsy type of bloke this was brilliant. For skin that has been abused over the years by sun and wind, the difference was amazing, as well as the great feeling you have after the treatment. Thanks to Amanda, and I will definitely treat myself before my next birthday.   John Chapman

Stress Positive eye lift

StressPositive eye lift. Wow!  I trust Amanda implicitly, as a Dermologica Expert, to understand my skin and use the right products to give me glowing healthy skin. This morning a new product arrived in the form of Stress Positive eye lift treatment. The product leaps from its clever packaging and comes in a tube with an applicator attached. This is applied around the eye area and then Amanda, smoothed it in with her expert fingers, using special circular motions to improve product penetration. She then popped on an eye serum and behold….my eyes are bigger, brighter and the dark lines and bags beneath are gone! I shall definitely book a treatment again when I have my lashes done, as apparently, there is an eye-mask too, but that would take off my lash extensions. By Kay Farrell

Aromatherapy is more than just a treat, it’s an essential.

In the middle of winter with grey skies, early nights and an overly busy life, I think it’s important to indulge yourself every now and again. My favourite pick me up is a really good massage.

 For me, finding a good masseuse is as important as choosing the type of massage you want.  Amanda has given me a range of treatments and on this occasion I decided to take Amanda’s advice and try one of her aromatherapy massages.

 To begin with, there is a questionnaire and consultation to ensure the right combination of oils. I didn’t want anything too relaxing as previous experience has taught me that I tend to become a little too relaxed. So with Amanda’s expert advice, I opted for a mix of lemon, basil and neroli (bitter orange) oils.

 The treatment was ninety minutes of pure pleasure, which included a full body massage using acupressure, a facemask and head massage.  I followed this with a wash and blow dry and left the salon feeling fabulous, calm and stress-free. I was at peace with the world and even the rush hour traffic couldn’t phase the feel good factor.

 Two days later and I am feeling clear-headed with more energy than I’ve had all winter. My aromatherapy treatment won’t be a one-off as to have this sense of well-being is more than just a treat it’s an essential.

Lorraine Hall

WOW – what an experience!


Randle and Randle has to be the best salon in Sheffield!  Amanda and her team provide a wonderful pampering experience.  Each visit is a pleasure.  Treatments are professional, accommodating, relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly tailored to you.

I was introduced to Dermalogica only 3 months ago and the results to my skin are amazing.  My first visit was for an eyebrow wax which was the most relaxing wax I’ve ever experienced; painless, quick and good fun.  This resulted in my confidence with Amanda to try out a facial and WOW – what an experience.  My skin texture has become soft again with a wonderful radiant glow.  I’ve ditched my old facial regime and now use Dermalogica products, including the newly launched Phyto Replenish Oil which has to be the best product I’ve ever used – I would never be without this product in my handbag, it makes my skin plump, radiant and hydrated.


Sherry Dearden