Bring Out Your Inner Beauty

How To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin

Randle and Randle is a dermalogica skin care centre priding itself on good customer service, with the confidence to pass on sound knowledge, of how to achieve a healthy skin.  By using recommended products and understanding how to use them you’ll quickly see, and feel the results.

All Dermalogica products are water soluble – in basic terms they love water; which means if you want you can do each step in the shower. We all need to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, so by being able to perform cleanse and exfoliation daily in less than 2 minutes you are providing a clean skin to customise with toner and moisturiser in under 3 minutes.

Still think it’s too complicated? Call in to Randle and Randle for a skin chat charged at £20 which is redeemable off your first skin treatment. See the instant results, feel your skin enjoy the benefits and become educated, not brainwashed!

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Dermalogica skin care: the moment your skin changed…… Forever.

When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Our promise to you is that your skin will never have felt as clean, or as healthy, as after one of our professional services; nor will you leave our salon without truly understanding your skin, and its needs. To work with Dermalogica is an honour and allows therapists to grow and develop through a strong education programme. By using a 3 tier structure we can achieve Expert status which  means the best skin care is on offer to you.

What does that mean for your skin?

Quite simply: Real Treatments. Real Answers. Real Products. Real Results!

Skin Chat 30 minutes £20 (redeemable off your first skin treatment)

This service is for you to get the best products and treatment recommendations for your skin type and condition.  By discussing your needs, current skin regimen and general health we can tailor any purchases and salon treatments to meet your budget, time availability and commitment to achieving healthy skin.

ProSkin60 – 90 minutes SKIN TREATMENT  £70 (includes skin chat)

Sheffield beauty treatmentsSay goodbye to cookie-cutter treatments! The ProSkin60 is customised to your skin need’s every visit; based on consultation and a thorough skin analysis, making your treatment different every time! It includes; professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection and education throughout.

ProSkin60 – 90 minutes ADVANCED SKIN TREATMENT  £85 (includes skin chat)

Once you’ve experienced and seen the results from your ProSkin60 you’ll want to take your skin care to another level.  The treatment is bespoke and customised to your goals.  It includes electrical modalities to progress and enhance results.

ProSkin30 – 45 minutes SKIN TREATMENT £35 (includes skin chat)

Want a professional skin treatment but short on time? Get on-the-spot skin solutions with a ProSkin30  treatment. We’ll address your main skin concern targeting it with the correct products to deliver results quickly and effectively.

ProPower Peel SKIN TREATMENT – 90 minutes £120, 45 minutes £70 (includes skin chat)

This is Dermalogica’s fastest and strongest peel to date. There are 3 specific chemical peel formulations to promote overall skin health.  Regular resurfacing is crucial to accelerate cell turnover and renewal rates – so we opt for peels that are more frequent and less invasive, rather than those that push the skin to the point of severe inflammation and possible scarring.  A series of treatments is designed to address your specific needs with formulations to aid hydrating and brightening, hyperpigmentation and reduction in fine lines and blemish prone skin.

NB: you must already be using Dermalogica products and have had ProSkin60 or ProSkin30 treatments before having a peel.  A patch test is needed prior to treatment.