Hair Removal-Waxing

Hair Removal

Waxing has long been a way to remove hair from unwanted areas.  We are not going to shy away from the fact that it is not without some discomfort. We aim to minimise that as much as we possibly can. A patch test is required before first treatment if there is a history of sensitivity.  We are happy to wax most areas of the body and when you are regularly having  waxing on an area, it’s effects can last up to 6 weeks.

Wax has been developed over the years to make the process more time efficient, more effective, more hygienic, and kinder to the skin.  As a salon we keep up to date with the new products to ensure we offer our clients the best type of wax for their skin and the condition of the hair. We use both hot and cool (strip) waxes to remove hair.


Full Leg -£23   ½ Leg -£14

Legs are popular to have waxed close to the summer season, please do remember that as the hair grows in stages, to keep the growth under control, a few sessions will be needed to gain the best effects. Why not combine with a bikini wax for your summer holidays.

Pelvic areas

Bikini -£10   Brazilian/Hollywood £32

The grooming of the pelvic area is something that is more popular in the summer season, as we hit the beach. You can be assured of our discretion and sensitivity during these treatments.


Forearm- £12 Underarms-£8 Full arm £18

Arm hair is easily and quickly removed by waxing. Removing underarm hair can make you feel fresh and clean for longer.

Facial Hair

Brow-£12 Lip/Chin £4

Brows are very much on trend and we will work with you to achieve and maintain a good shape and arch. The lip is a sensitive area, however there is usually less growth and so quickly stripped of hair.


Waxing in other areas

Back Wax- on consultation

Chest Wax-on consultation

Please do ask us about any other areas you would like hair removal, as most are achievable.


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hair removal waxinghair removal waxing